Competition Countdown!

Baja SAE California 2017: April 27


Baja SAE is an intercollegiate design competition organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers. Universities from across the United States and the world compete by designing and manufacturing a small off-road vehicle. The competition consists of dynamic and static events. The dynamic events evaluate the performance of the vehicle and can include the hill climb, rock crawl, and four-hour endurance race. The static events include presentations, written reports, and design evaluations.

The UC Davis Baja SAE team is in its fifth year of competition. In the span of four years, our team has progressed from having no prior history and entering a vehicle that failed technical inspection to placing sixty-sixth out of one hundred teams in the 2015 competition year. We would like to continue to compete and thus require financial support.

The competition provides students an excellent opportunity to work on a real-world engineering project. Your organization can benefit by being recognized on the team website, apparel, and the vehicle used in competition. UC Davis can also benefit by being able to offer a tremendous opportunity to future engineers with an adequately funded design team.