Fall Recruitment!

Fall quarter has come and gone!

This Fall the UC Davis Baja SAE Team experienced a large influx of new members. With twenty-two new members, we are excited to have the team substantially grow!

The UC Davis Baja SAE Team views new members as valuable resources for they bring new, fresh ideas to the team. Upon induction, each member discussed their interests with the team leads and was subsequently placed in a sub-team where they would excel. At the first sub-team meetings, members were assigned specific responsibilities directly related to the design of the car. The new members brought their ideas to the leads who reviewed them and provided constructive criticism. After further development, some of the ideas were abandoned while others were approved and implemented. Stay tuned to see the new features!

The UC Davis Baja SAE Team couldn’t be more excited to welcome our new members┬áto the family. We look forward to working with everyone and introducing them to the valuable project development fundamentals we teach!


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