Q: Do I have to be an engineering major to join the team?
A: No!! We are open to all majors and enjoy the different perspective that a non-engineer brings to the table. There is also a presentation portion of competition that would be great for a non-engineering major to participate in. Also we converse with many big companies for sponsorships exposing you to larger companies.

Q: Do I need experience with cars to be on the team?
A: No! We teach many things about cars and you can learn. We will start you on a smaller project that you’re comfortable with and you can grow from there.

Q: Are there any dues or fees?
A: No again! We keep our members fees at $0 to take extra financial burden off of you.

Q: What kinds of projects are there for students to work on?
A: There are many sub-teams on the team. They consist of Chassis, Suspension, Drivetrain, Electrical, and Steering to name a few. Once the major parts of the car are done, we break down into even smaller groups and work on more specific projects such as the fire wall, splash guard and pedal box.